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The Gaab Lab for Developmental Neuroscience

Public Outreach

    Dr. Gaab and her research team enjoy sharing their work with the community through talks and programs directed to teachers, parents, and children. Dr. Gaab often shares her knowledge of the developing reading brain through presentations in the Greater Boston community. Lab members also offer hands-on activities for children to learn about the brain. If you are interested in setting up an event with the Gaab Lab, please Email us.

Talks and Presentations for Adults

    Dr. Gaab gives presentations at community events such as Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) meetings and professional development workshops for teachers. Presentation topics can be tailored to the interests and level of expertise of your groups. Topics include The Typical and Atypical Reading Brain, The Dyslexia Paradox, Music & the Brain, and others.

Activities for Kids

    Lab members offer engaging and creative activities to teach children and teens about the importance of brain research. Neuroscience Jeopardy, brain teasers, and brain craft projects are popular among kids. These activities are often incorporated into Brain Awareness Week events. We also welcome “Flat Stanley” to visit our lab.
    • For more information on Brain Awareness Week, please visit:
    • For more information on the Flat Stanley Project, please visit:
    • Flat Stanley visited our lab and tried out our brain camera!

    Upcoming Events

      Please check back for new events as we update our calendar.